Heatwave That Hit Europe Also Affects The Arctic Region

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The records for the hottest weather ever recorded have been broken on Friday by London, Belgium, Paris, Germany, the Netherlands and other countries suffering from the heatwave that travels all around Europe. The top of the globe will begin suffering from this weather system that brought in the heat as it moved towards it.

What will happen to the Arctic due to these extreme temperatures in Europe?

This system is also called a heat dome, and it is characterized by a substantial area of high pressure aloft. Scientists are getting more and more concerned as the days go by because the consequences over the Arctic are not known in depth.

The focus of this heat dome will be Finland, Sweden, and Norway in the begin where the mercury will register temperature way higher than usual this weekend. These countries will experience a blockage of their cold front due to a potentially record strong area of high pressure in the mid-levels of the atmosphere. Because of that, other storm systems will also be unable to access the areas.

Talking in numbers

While checking the weather, Scandinavians will be surprised to see temperatures higher than 90 degrees. On Friday, the temperature of Bergen, Norway was of 91 degrees (32.8 Celsius).

During the melt season, the Arctic sea ice extent was the lowest, which is surprising taking into consideration the paragraphs above. However, the Greenland Ice Sheet is melting faster, and the sea levels increase as oceans are getting new water.

The global average sea levels have a potential of growing 23 feet if the entire ice sheet were to melt, and that is not good news for people living on the coast side of their countries as the towns will get flooded eventually, and many lives will be lost.

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