How Scientists try to put Newton in the Corner and why Einstein is Next

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Some intriguing news surfaced about how scientists want to dismiss Newton’s theory of gravity and put him in a strange light. But how did something like this even happened in the first place? Or why did Newton actually do to deserve something like this? Let’s have a look at the newest events led by scientists and why will Einstein will be next!

Newton is very appreciated and his theories represent the base of almost everything we know today as science. But for the scientists who just discovered through a black hole research that Newton’s theory of gravity disproved many things, well, let’s just say that we can look at the same. Even Einstein’s theories could become questionable, some scientists declared. But let’s face it, these are some strong accusations, how they became so serious and so accusing?

A professor from University of California, Andrea Ghez, stated that Einstein theories for example, just happen to show signs of age, meaning that with the new discoveries about the black holes, his theories just won’t apply totally anymore. The professor also stated that for now Einstein’s right, and they totally rule out Newton’s law of gravity, because their observations are reliable with Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

Newton’s theory is starting to show vulnerability, meaning that it can’t offer anymore a complete explanation of how gravity is inside a black hole, and about Einstein, scientists will have to replace his theories, moving further to other theories that will explain everything better. It’s good to know that in 1915, Einstein’s theory of relativity stated that what we get as the force of gravity ascends from the bending of space and time.

The researchers declared how important is though Newton’s and Einstein’s work, being the most detailed studies ever. Professor Ghez explained how a discovery of one of her favorite stars, made its nearest closure to the enormous hole. Spectra or how Ghez defined it, as a ‘rainbow of light’ from stars, indicating the power of light and giving significant information about the star. Spectra also indicates the matter from the star. All of these studies, Ghez succeeded to make them, together with her team over the last 24 years.

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