Quantum Internet Is One Step Closer Thanks To A New Study At The Osaka University

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A team of scientists from the Osaka University revealed how information which can be coded in the circular polarization of a laser beam could be linked to the spin state of an electron caught in a quantum bot, contributing to quantum bits and a quantum computer system. The discovery is an excellent milestone since it may pave the way towards the creation and development of a quantum internet network which has the potential to be considerably faster than a conventional one since it would allow the transfer of information in a quantum manner.

The potential of quantum computers is enormous as they may outperform even the most reliable systems which are available today by a significant margin. While classic machines handle information in the form of the binary pair of ones and zeroes quantum information is stored in the form of electrons spins or laser photons, a trait which allows it to be in a superposition of concurrent states. The states of two or more objects can be linked, which means that one of them cannot be decrypted without the others.

Quantum information conveyed to a quantum dot, paving the way to the quantum internet

Those traits allow quantum computers to handle several possibilities at the same time and render the information utterly safe against any potential intrusions. A significant flow is represented by the fact that these entangled states are very sensible, and they are prone to disappear in a few microseconds. To make them usable in the context of a quantum internet which requires a reliable way of sending signals and allowing them to interact and convey the data to the electron spins which can be found in the target computers.

The researchers from the Osaka University managed to convey quantum information to a quantum dot by modifying the spin state of a single electron which was captured, getting closer to the development of the quantum internet. They were also able to verify the state of the electron and confirm the fact that the information was sent without problems. The results were published in a scientific journal.

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