SpaceX Starship Final Design To Be Revealed In August, Elon Musk Announced

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SpaceX and Elon Musk have been working on the design of Starship for some time. After many tests conducted on Starship’s prototype, Starhopper, many successful, some not so much, the CEO finally announced that the design update is on its way to public display by mid-August.

Elon Musk kept his word when he declared that the new design would only be revealed after Starhopper would have successfully accomplished its first untethered flight. As this happened a week ago at SpaceX’s facility in Boca Chica, it was high time that Musk made the announcement. A tweet by the founder announced the exact period this would happen.

SpaceX and Elon Musk aim for Mars

The first time Elon Musk talked about a ‘Mars colonial transported’ was in 2016 when he laid out the detailed design of the Interplanetary Transport System at IAC (the International Astronautical Congress). Then, the following year, in 2017, Musk announced that they had changed the name of Interplanetary Transport System into Big Falcon Spaceship, which would also be comprised of the Big Falcon Rocket.

In 2018, the CEO gave other details about the BFS and BFR, such as the height (387 feet) and the two fins close to the tail that would make the spacecraft able to guide the vehicle to a safe landing. Also, the names of the vehicle were again changed – the Big Falcon Spaceship was renamed Starship, while the Big Falcon Rocket became Super Heavy.

SpaceX Starship final design to come out in August

This year, Musk continued to give us details about the SpaceX Starship, such as the 41 Raptor engines (6 for Starship and 35 for Super Heavy) that would launch and guide the vehicle through space. The duo is expected not only to send people to the Moon and Mars but also to launch satellites into orbit, to carry cargo to the ISS and to function as a P2P passenger travel vehicle.

SpaceX Starship’s goal is to send satellites into orbit by 2021 and fly the first people into orbit by 2023, the final goal being Mars. As Elon Musk announced, SpaceX would reveal the final Starship design in August.

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