‘Black Moon’ Took Place In Canada Last Night

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A rare phenomenon appeared over Canada for the first time in three years last night, yet you might be disappointed to hear that it wasn’t anything spectacular, despite the event’s name of ‘black moon.’. The event makes its appearance once every 32 months, and it is induced by the presence of a second new moon in a month.

If you live on another part of the world than North America and you wanted to see this sky spectacle, then you were unlucky because you will have to wait another month to see it, on August 30. For the North American region, it happened last night.

The odds made it that this moon will also be a supermoon too, and that means the new moon will be the closest it will ever be to Earth in its orbiting month. That sounds like something extra and special, but in fact, these overlapping events will make the “Black Moon” more or less concealed to the human eye.

‘Black Moon’ Took Place In Canada Last Night

Paul Delaney, York University physics and astronomy professor, told CTV News Channel: “New moons by definition are invisible, the only time you can ever see a new moon is during a total solar eclipse, then you’re able to actually see the side of the moon facing the Earth that does not get any solar illumination.”

For those that want to see this fateful event, Professor Delaney estimated the Black Moon’s appearance at 11:12 p.m. last night. The start of a new lunar cycle is dubbed as a “new moon” and the period of time passing from a new moon to another is called a synodic month, that lasts about 29.53 days.

The pagan and Wiccan cultures have a greater significance for the Black Moon, amplifying rituals or spells that are done at that specific time. Some superstitious people believe that magic would be a crazy thing to do on a Black Moon.

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