How Moon Reflects Your State Your Mind and Personality

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A recent study shows how important the moon could be for our state of being, lifestyle and mood. It is believed that the lunar cycle can have an influence on people’s behavior.

It all began with the psychiatrist, David Avery, and his kept records about his patients from a psychiatric ward. He noticed how the patients changed their behavior, from violence to suicidal thoughts, insomnia to depression. For him, it was like his patients’ mood and behavior were following the buffing and diminishing of the Moon. It was hard for him, in the beginning, to believe all these observations and conclusions, discharging his intuition as lunacy, even if his patients’ behavior or mood phases were in synch with the Moon. He simply did that because he felt that he couldn’t even properly explain it in scientific or medical terms, fact the made him to take the decision of abandoning his research.

Luckily, we still have people who don’t give up so easily and push the boundaries of unknown to a phase that they’ll get somewhere. After a long period, another psychiatrist, Thomas Wehr, succeeded to publish his observations on 17 patients with quick-cycling bipolar disorder. Wehr stated the fact that his patients showed changes in their behavior and mood at the same time with the Moon cycles, led him to believe that maybe there are eventually, some external factors.

Looking back in history we can find out how much people believed in this Moon-people relationship. Even Greeks, Latins or Romans strongly believed that a person madness or illness were caused by the Moon.

Another study from 2013 shows how sleep can vary across the lunar cycle, meaning people felt asleep harder when a full Moon. Their brain activities were measured as well, showing droppings by 30 %.

Good to know: The Moon affects Earth, too,  in many ways, like the gravitational pull.

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