New Super Earth That Could Support Life Has Been Discovered – It May Hold Liquid Water [Video]

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Astronomers have been searching for other potentially habitable worlds for a really long time. Something interesting has just been revealed regarding this search.

NASA’s exoplanet-hunting telescope TESS made some pretty amazing discoveries, and it managed to spot new worlds at an awe-inspiring rate.

CNET writes that the first TESS science conference is taking place at MIT this week.

The online publication writes that a lot of new discoveries are slowly coming to light, including its discovery of three planets hiding around a nearby star.

“Around an M-type dwarf known as GJ 357, researchers have spotted a new system of planets,” the magazine writes.

A potentially habitable world may have liquid water 

It’s been reported that one of them, in particular, could be rather remarkable: A super-Earth, called GJ 357 d, may have liquid water on its surface.

This potentially habitable world is located at only 31 light-years away, in the constellation Hydra.

“GJ 357 d is located within the outer edge of its star’s habitable zone, where it receives about the same amount of stellar energy from its star as Mars does from the Sun,” said via a NASA press release co-author Diana Kossakowski, an astronomer at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy.

She continued and explained that “If the planet has a dense atmosphere, which will take future studies to determine, it could trap enough heat to warm the planet and allow liquid water on its surface.”

Stay tuned for more information regarding the potentially habitable super-Earth.

In other news, last week the story of a massive asteroid almost reaching Earth left people in awe, same as the scientists.

Everyone believes that something like this couldn’t happen, but with all the NASA’s equipment, we were still in danger and this may be because of their indifference. Find out more in our previous article.

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