The Savage Power of a Black Hole – This Fascinated Researchers

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Black holes have fascinated researchers since they were first discovered, due to their interesting nature and impressive power output.

A black hole is a particular region of space filled to the brim with an incredible amount of matter. The extraordinary density of the matter will generate a high-power gravitational field which is so intense that nothing can escape from its clutches, as even light is absorbed into an endless void.

Einstein was one of the first researchers who anticipated the discovery of black holes. His theory of general relativity mentions that the death of a massive star will be followed by the appearance of a considerably smaller yet very dense remnant core.  In certain conditions, the power of gravity is strong enough to surpass other concurrent forces, and the core will be converted into a black hole.

At this point, researchers cannot observe a black hole with the help of a direct method. They have to use advanced telescopes, which can detect some form of electromagnetic radiation. However, it is possible to deduce if one is present by observing visible consequences in the case of close objects.

In 2007 a well-known American astrophysicist published a book which theorized what would happen if a black hole formed close to Earth and argued that the effects would be devastating. Since black holes generate an immense gravitational, the sheer force would sunder the planet, breaking it into pieces before it will be consumed by the ravenous object.

Any object which is caught by the pull of a black hole would not be able to escape. A human caught in a black hole would die due to the lack of air as the forces will begin to tear the protective suit (in the case of an astronaut). While falling into it, the savage forces would start to tear the body, splitting it in the middle and shredding it into pieces before it will disappear completely.

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