Sesame Allergies Outburst in US

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Over 1,5 million of sesame allergies cases frighten the Americans, with a rate that reaches a terrifying point, people don’t know what to believe anymore and scientists, too. 

As a new study resurfaces, we get to understand better Americans’ situation, in this case, their reaction to sesame. Researchers from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine offer us a closer look at their study and explain to us how things brought so much concerns. They stated that over 1,5 million US people, adults and kids, too, developed a sesame allergy, meaning almost 0,5 % of the population, the highest rate ever recorded in the US.

The fact that sesame doesn’t appear properly on the ingredient’s labels, because is not required by law, is only labeled as a spice, represents a major problem. The study was developed rigorously, the researchers’ team took tests on almost 50,000 US families, meaning almost 80,000 people, kids and adults, too. People asked several questions about their possible food allergies if they happen to have any allergic reactions and their recent diagnoses.

The team succeeded to find out that for nearly 1,5 million of people sesame could be a threat to their lives, representing a severe allergy. Also, they declared that 1,1 million of people have an actual diagnosis. The results created an outburst in the medical system and people became more and more concerned.

What the researchers found extremely shocking is the fact that many people chose to self-diagnose, a practice that they have found more reliable in a way or another. The identified symptoms, however, are severe wheezing in some cases or pimples, in other. For these symptoms, people received epinephrine as medication.

In other countries, especially the European ones, sesame must be labeled every single time on the products, being listed as an ingredient. The American officials, however, starting to take into consideration this action, too. An action that will save many lives from now on.

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