Solar Winds Slamming Earth at 600 km per Second

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Believe or not, some people actually have the space weather forecast. It has been mentioned that Earth is being hit by solar winds that are traveling at 600 km per seconds. This grouping of particles is managing to travel at impressive speeds through space.

A storm has been created due to a coronal burst from the Sun. This originated in the upper atmosphere and could lead to interference of the geomagnetic kind, as well as aurora activity in the night’s sky.

Solar winds and pretty lights

Two types of auroras can be seen on Earth, the aurora borealis in the north and the aurora australis in the south. These are caused by solar particles breaking on the planet’s atmosphere. The magnetosphere is the part that is bombarded by particles from the Sun and results in blue lights from the deflected matter.

It’s looking like the current solar storm is calming down and there will be no major consequences. The space forecast is saying that solar wind activity is beginning to slow, dropping to speeds under 600 km per second.

The wind speeds are still high but they are not sufficient to cause a geomagnetic storm. The winds have low density and weak magnetic properties in the gas-like matter. It’s looking like there will be no auroras at this time.

Solar storm consequences

Scientists are concerned with the safety issues that are caused by a solar storm rather than lights in the sky. They say that the planet’s magnetic field is enough to protect life on the surface from suffering the effects of radiation.

But the craft that is orbiting the planet are in a vulnerable position. With a storm that is powerful enough, satellites can fail to function and this spells bad news for us. This is because we have grown accustomed to relying on the internet and various radio waves to maintain critical systems around the worlds.

With such a vulnerable infrastructure, things are not looking good in case there is a significant solar storm coming our way.

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