The Gulf Stream Slowdown Threatens Florida And Other East Coast Regions

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What’s next for Florida’s climate is very excepted, because there as it appears, there will be only significant changes that will also bring troubles. But in which way will Florida suffer? We are going to find out by getting to know better the recent actions of the Gulf Stream, as reported by Advocator.

What is the Gulf Stream actually? It is a hot current that succeeds to bring closer for the east part of Florida many good things, like a climate with acceptable, mild winters, beautiful collections of swordfish, but powerful hurricanes, too. All of these, though, will be profoundly affected by the recent changes of climate.

A recent study, however, makes us worry pretty much because it shows how the warm current from the Gulf Stream is totally suffering. Its lowest point was reached, losing to almost 15 % of its power, a thing that happened slowly since the mid-20th century. Also, this is the first time a situation like this occurs.

Florida’s future is at high risk due to the Gulf Stream slowdown

The changes will make the Gulf Stream weaker, even if scientists stated that there wouldn’t be so many climate changes. Its weakness, however, will have a significant impact on the way sea levels behave. Some cold winters will be encounter in the North part of Europe, letting Florida in a state of severe heat.

The Gulf Stream began to deteriorate when the presence of cold water was felt. Usually, the cold water is good, because it drives the current to go to the North part of the Atlantic. But if the water gets too cold, it will result in a tense situation that will lead to sinking.

Another research resurfaces too, about the way the hurricanes will action in the future and all the possible impacts that could occur on people, wildlife, and plants. Scientists get used with the Golf Stream changes and try to analyze it as well as they can, to prevent any impact.

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