Eating Marijuana Might Not Be Beneficial to Human Health

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A new study resurfaced about the possible effects people will get if they happen to eat any kind of food, infused with THC, the main psychoactive part of marijuana. A recent study led by a great team of researchers shows how eating marijuana could affect us.

The researchers began with a study developed on mice, which is the first one which gives an insight on voluntary oral THC ingesting in animals, a method which is identical with the one us people do.

The researchers also recorded that the effects of comestible marijuana it depends of the subject’s sex, fact declared by professor and author Michael Smoker. The mice showed how they were self-administer or they picked voluntarily to eat doses of comestible THC, and they continued to do it continuously. The little animals were offering small doses in a dough made from sugar, salt, flour, and THC.

Eating Marijuana Might Not Be Beneficial to Human Health

Smoker further stated how people chose to buy many foods with THC in them, for example, candies or cookies. It is important for people to understand that food containing marijuana can cause severe, adverse reactions because they have a pretty high-level concentration of THC. It is believed that people could lose their control and start eating very much, actually more than they should.

The researchers want to find out exactly what could happen if there will be a case of too much THC ate, even for children. They want to find out the effects this component could give on people’s way of thinking, even if they ate THC for a little bit more and then stopped, and what the real results are.

The fact that the researchers chose the mice to get answers about comestible parts of THC because a study involving people would it be somewhat not ethical. However, further studies on how eating marijuana could affect our health must be conducted.

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