SpaceX Tested Its New Spacesuits For Future Moon And Mars Missions

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The technologies that are sending satellites, probes, and rovers into space are more and more advanced. The satellites, probes, and rovers themselves are more and more sophisticated. The only thing that seems to have never changed since the beginnings of the space race, that happened more or less 50 years ago are the spacesuits used by astronauts. SpaceX is about to change that.

SpaceX Tested Its New Spacesuits For Future Moon And Mars Missions

A short while ago, NASA said that their astronauts needed new and improved spacesuits that would facilitate their exploration of extraterrestrial places, such as the Moon and Mars and that their teams were working on them.

SpaceX distinguished itself just recently when it presented a next-gen collection of spacesuits only in time for the 2020 Commercial Crew program. NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley were the lucky ones that tried for the first time the suits. After this, the two astronauts tested them in various scenarios, from dry runs, launch, and to emergency events. They have walked through every step required before the rocket that is scheduled to launch them into space, Falcon 9, sends them towards the International Space Station.

SpaceX’s Spacesuits Would Be Essential For Future Space Missions

While SpaceX is preparing for its Commercial Crew Flight in 2020, NASA is preparing for its Mars 2020 mission that includes the launch of the next Mars rover in space and to Mars. The mission is scheduled to launch in July 2020 and to land on the Red Planet sometime in the middle of February 2021.

The Mars 2020 mission is expected to examine the planet further and to add data to already gathered data by other rovers and satellites that studied the planet. The main goal of the mission is to determine whether there is microbial life on the planet and if not, whether there were ancient habitable conditions that could have led to the apparition of life on Mars. If any of these scenarios are proved, it would mean that Mars could be able to sustain life and a future Mars base would be possible.

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