New Method To Track Down Specific Genes Found By Scientists

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In recent years gene analysis has become an essential tool which contributes to precise diagnostics and the manufacturing of useful substances which can tackle select diseases.

Anew method which involves the use of targeted RNA sequencing (also known as transcriptome analysis) is now available, and it will allow researchers to identify even the smallest amount of gene transcripts which are present in single cells. By using the method, researchers will be able to find and enrich select molecules which are encountered in a sample to explore their cellular functions, improving the quality and amount of data which is collected in the process.

It is well-known that single-cell RNA sequencing relies on the analysis of molecular transcripts produced by the active regions found in the genome of individual cells. Different gene sets are activated in accordance with the type and stage of development of the cell. Data sets are read from RNA molecules and converted into proteins.

New Method To Track Down Specific Genes Found By Scientists

By observing the number of mRNA molecules per gene in a specific cell, researchers can learn more about their identity and reactions to internal or external factors. Among the factors, we count aging, diseases, environmental pollution, and pharmaceutical products.

The task of finding and observing genes which are expressed in low or moderate concentrations remains difficult at this time, even if single-cell RNA sequencing techniques are employed. In most cases, they will detect a particular type of genes which are continuously expressed.

To bypass this limitation, a team of researchers created the BART-Seq method which enriches targeted transcripts for sequencing. A mixture of primer sets and DNA barcodes is used to amplify the transcripts of the desired gene while assessing it at the same time, allowing researchers to trace transcripts to the cells which created them in the first place. Further research is needed, but the new method is inexpensive, and it doesn’t rely on specialized equipment.

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