Ancient Volcanoes Discovered Underneath Australia

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Australia’s ancient volcanoes resurfaced bravely from an area that nobody would’ve taught before to look after. The discovery of a vast number of what it seemed to be ancient volcanoes made quite a stir on the scientific field.

In some of the deepest structures of Australia’s ground, geologists successfully discovered another world, depicting the ‘Jurassic World’ that we all know it. But how could something like this resurface so late? Geologists explained that this process needed a long period and a mission well established.

The intriguing discovery, unfortunately, it doesn’t comprise any living creatures, as Jurassic did, but what it undoubtedly present there are a vast number of volcanoes, even if they are in a state of extinction for over 100 million years. Australia has a big part of the land that is very dry, called the Cooper-Eromanga Basin.

Ancient Volcanoes Discovered Underneath Australia

The Cooper-Eromanga Basin is, in fact, a huge onshore for gas and oil production, and it is considered the most geologically explored part of the continent, due to that fact. Even with these things unveiled, nobody ever observed the most amazing 100 ancient volcanoes, so well preserved in the Basin.

The ancient volcanoes, as they are called now, were fully active approximately 180-160 million years ago. The fact that they were not present at the edge of the tectonic plates makes them quite strange and exciting, too. The ancient volcanoes were situated more at a mid-plate level then as s is right now. The University of Adelaide intervenes with Dr. Simon Holford’s statement about the missing of the ancient volcanoes through almost 50 years of oil exploration.

Holford also said that something like that occurred only because they didn’t have advanced tools. Dr. Simon Holford’s team of researchers started some world-leading methods for identifying a sign from the ancient volcanoes in seismic like reviews, finishing with a discover of a province near home. The region was given the name Warnie, from a local waterhole.

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