Marshall Space Flight Center Declared Essential For The Artemis Program

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The George C. Marshall Space Flight Center is NASA’s largest center that has seen the development and implementation of many of the U.S. government’s civilian rocketry and spacecraft propulsion research programs and space missions. Now, NASA declared Marshall Space Flight Center as essential for the Artemis Program.

Marshall Space Flight Center was formed on July 1st, 1960, and its prime mission was to create the Saturn launch vehicles for the Apollo program. It is the main center that supervised many of the most critical assignments, from astronauts training to the design and manufacture of the International Space Station and the Space Launch System, among other things.

Marshall Space Flight Center Declared Essential For The Artemis Program

Given this background, it is normal for the Marshall Space Flight Center to be an essential site for the upcoming Artemis Program. Jim Bridenstine announced a visit to MSFC to talk about how the role the center could have in the future Moon missions, such as the function of astronauts in space and their safe landing.

MSFC will be in charge of the buildup and improvement of the lunar landing system which has a critical mission: to send the first woman and the next man from Earth to the low-lunar orbit and then to the surface of the Moon. Also, the flight center is going to manage the development of the low-lunar orbit probe and the moon lander by various commercial companies. The low-lunar orbit probe is named the Transfer Element, while the moon lander is named the Descent Element.

The Johnson Space Center in Huston will give a helping hand to MSFC by developing the Ascent Element vehicle which will keep safe the astronauts as they descend on the Moon and while they will go back to the Space Launch System in their voyage back to Earth. The leader of the Artemis mission will be Lisa Watson-Morgan, one of the top engineers at the Marshal Space Flight Center.

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