New Ebola Outbreak Is Spreading Fast In Congo

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Almost a year ago a new Ebola outbreak started to spread in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A new report infers that the disease has reached a new province and a new death has been recorded in South Kivu.

Several cases have been confirmed in the Mwenga area while others appeared in Bukavu, a city located near the border with Rwanda. New cases have also surfaced in the proximity of Beni and Butembo, two smaller towns which are close to the larger city of Goma.

According to representatives from the ministry of health, the outbreak has already claimed the life of 1,808 persons while a total of 2,765 cases were confirmed. The risk is quite high as this is the second-largest outbreak in history.

One of the new patients is a young woman who interacted with a high-risk case identified in Beni, according to a press release which was published on Friday. She started to travel with her two children to Mwenga and died on Tuesday night.

New Ebola Outbreak Is Spreading Fast In Congo

A large number of the cases which have been identified until now were spotted in the proximity of the outbreak, as patients traveled from the middle of the danger zone towards other areas, including the border with Uganda.

While the woman received a new experimental vaccine, it didn’t work for her, but it does have a 97% success rate among patients who received a dose. A new international controversy is already spreading as some voices aren’t pleased by how the outbreak has been approached until now.

Earlier in July, the outbreak was acknowledged as a danger of international importance, but new cases have continued to appear across different regions as the local authorities struggle to keep track of infected patients.

Several medical teams have been sent to essential areas, including Goma and Mwenga, to mitigate the growing threat. The problem is complicated by the fact that angry locals and militia groups see treatment centers as a threat.

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