Virgin Galactic Unveiled Its ‘Gateway To Space’

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Virgin Galactic has announced that its building called Gateway to Space is currently operationally functional. The building is supposed to act as a future spaceport and mission control for the various commercial space flights the company will perform.

The building will act as pretty much any airport, but the lounges are reportedly fancier. The wealthy passengers will board spacecraft that will take them to near orbit and back again. The word is that lobster and caviar taste better in space.

Virgin Galactic and its Gateway to Space’s design shifts

Foster and Partners have designed the Gateway to Space. While the exterior of the structure seems quite futuristic, the interior design is not that interesting when compared to the unique initiative of the company. It will probably be the first to conduct commercial space flights.

The building exterior has fluid lines that give out a very modern feeling, and the color was selected to blend with the landscape of the New Mexico desert. The design of the spaceport needed to present a state of drama to stress the importance of the journey for passengers. Otherwise, it would be a costly two-hour tour in which nothing really happens.

Fancy building names for Virgin Galactic’s structures

The location will act as a primary facility where SpaceShipTwo and WhiteKnightTwi will be prepared for routine flights. Aviation calls for impeccable quality and professionalism, especially space flight.

Due to the nature of the flights, only wealthy clients will afford them. It has been reported that one flight into the planet’s atmosphere will cost a few hundred thousand dollars.

The sections of the Virgin Galactic’s Gateway to Space building have been given some truly great names. These probably don’t fit the scope of the business model, but marketing is marketing. The ground floor has been named Gaia, the clients have been designated Future Astronauts, and mission control will take up the upper level called Cirrus.

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