NASA’s SOHO Finds an Alien Spacecraft Bigger Than Earth near the Sun

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The NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) mission is one of the best methods for learning more about the structure of the Sun and the solar atmosphere. Since it started orbiting our star about two decades ago, the NASA space telescope has come up with fantastic news. We got to better understand the Sun’s violent solar storms and its magnetic fields.

However, UFO hunter named hunter Scott Waring believes that NASA’s SOHO has made an incredible discovery. It found a huge alien spacecraft flying close to the star. He said: “At first I thought the anomaly was just some sort of magma or solar material ejected from the Sun. “But it doesn’t look like it – the object’s shape just looks too perfect for that.”

He then proceeded to say that it actually resembles a modern-day arrow head and that there are just too many right angles that are present for it to be something natural.

Waring wanted to zoom out the NASA image to better see the solar anomaly. The photo was taken from SOHO’s EIT 195 camera

The Sun’s radius is 695,510 km, so scientists suggest that the UFO is at least ten times the size of Earth. Waring thinks that such huge spaceship would be easily feasible for those advanced alien cultures.

He wrote that it would not be hard for an alien to build an object that’s bigger than the planet Earth if the planet is 13.5 billion years old. This makes us about 10 billion of years behind them. The technological advances from the aliens could advance a lot in ten billion years. He said that all aliens need to do it in order to build these vast UFOs. They will get what they need from other planets to create the spaceship.

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