Astrobotic To Launch The First American Lunar Robotic Spacecraft With ULA’s Vulcan Rocket

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Great news for space fans, as the US will soon have the first lunar robotic spacecraft that will land on the Moon. The United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan rocket will launch in the next two years with the help of Astrobotic Technology. In November last year, Astrobotic was the company that competed for $2.6 billion and the plan to develop technologies that could explore the Moon in twenty missions, and create small spacecraft.

Astrobotic chose ULA’s Vulcan rocket, and they are developing a spacecraft from mixing Boeing and Lockheed Martin technologies. They will launch the lander in the summer of 2021 from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The name of the lander is Peregrine, and it will write a new page of history since Apollo astronauts have been the first to touch the Moon in 1972. The plan is to send the launcher on the Moon and the technology necessary for the astronauts to land again by 2024.

Astrobotic’s first lunar robotic spacecraft to help NASA’s future crewed Moon missions

Besides this, NASA is awarding with $79.5 million the first mission on Moon, and the team of astronauts will be a mix from eight countries, of course, the United States and Mexico are participating. NASA’s role it’s not ending here. The plan is to develop, design, and operate the missions of the private companies for the many lunar missions that will come.

Finally, NASA and private companies are not the only ones planning trips to the Moon. We remember the Chinese space probe that has land on the far side of the Moon this year. Also, Israel was the one that sends a robotic on the Moon but crashed at the final step. And we can’t forget India that had launched its Chandrayaan-2 rover on the Moon’s Southern Pole. The last landing was an essential step for India because that side of the Moon was never touched by other nation.

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