Global Warming Melts Greenland, Scientists Suggesting Coastline Retreating

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Scientists came with something revolutionary for Greenland’s environment. Some changes should be taken into consideration due to significant issues that the coastline cities could soon experience. How the future of Greenland will look like and how important it is for people to understand the problem, we are going to discuss up next, in the perspective of global warming.

NASA oceanographer, Josh Willis, stated that the amount of ice in Greenland is vast, and this it will only raise the waters level by approximately 8 meters. All of this will cause severe damages, being very devastating to many coastlines worldwide. Willis insisted that the action of retreating should be highly considered.

The team from NASA’s Ocean Melting Greenland precisely analyzed all the problematic patterns, while they went around the coastline since heat waves came to Europe and the US at final July. They identified that the area’s temperature is a lot warmer, transforming Greenland into a huge mess, even if the ocean temperature at a profound level is continuously increasing.

Global Warming Melts Greenland, and Scientists Suggest Coastline Retreating

The fact that the water is a lot warmer it develops a mechanism of destroying the base of the glaciers, themselves. The future of Greenland’s large ice part is turning into a weaker one, top and bottom, too, resulting in an incredible danger for Earth.

Willis further explained how Greenland succeeded to have adverse effects everywhere on the planet. Imagine millions, even a billion of tons of ice, affecting the waters level in US, Europe, Australia or Southeast Asia. How terrible will be, and the fact that we can’t control this phenomenon is even worst.

Scientists also explored the water close to Greenland’s Helheim glacier, discovering warm water even at a distance of 2,000 feet below. These warm waters will have a powerful impact on the fast process of melting. However, the Helheim glacier is pretty vast, and it could change all the waters level to increase by one millimeter in approximately one month. It just seems that we couldn’t be able to stop the process, how much we will try.

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