New Species of Snailfish Discovered In Latest Antarctica’s Expeditions

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Scientists have recently discovered a pretty strange creature in Antarctica and they captured it in a new documentary. Keep reading if you want to know all about it.

The documentary

Discovering Antarctica is a priority for scientists around the world. After a recent expedition there, a team of researchers made a documentary called “The Secrets of Antarctica”.

The goal of the team was to explore the strangest marine species out there. Fortunately, Andrew Stewart, the leader of the team, made a pretty big discovery and we are glad that they could capture it on camera.

The fascinating discovery

Well, it seems like Andrew Stewart managed to discover a new species of snailfish. The whole team was blown away by this discovery. In the future, they will have to observe more carefully this new family of fish that can be found only in the Southern Ocean.

Other discoveries made over time in Antarctica

In the last couple of years, scientists from a lot of countries have been involved in a special program called the Antarctic Drilling Project, or shortly ANDRIL. The experts were looking for core samples and they discovered something amazing, a piece of wood that dates back to a period of 4 million years ago. This discovery helped the scientists to learn more things about Antarctica’s past.

Also, we have for you more about the ice core samples results. The scientists have discovered a core that was somehow wrapped in a protective cover. The core was 12-foot length. After they found it, the scientists had to take it to the lab and examine it by slicing every section of the core. The recovered cores tell us more about Antarctica’s history and indicate that it was much warmer here in the past.

That’s all the information available so far. We’ll come back with updates.

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