Researchers Found Traces of a Previous Universe

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A new study elaborated by a team of researchers argues that strange shapes which were observed in space could offer valuable information about the early universe.

The strange manifestations have remained elusive for a long period but it is thought that the areas where they appear confirm the principles of Conformal Cyclic Cosmology, a theory which infers that the universe may have existed in a previous, more basic incarnation. The interesting cosmic areas formed due to the presence of black holes.

According to one of the researchers who contributed to the study, the elusive shapes tend to appear after black holes which were present in the same areas disappeared.  By supposing that the universe is exposed to constant contractions and expansions it can be argued that the previous universe will be destroyed by the new one.

The paper argues that black holes from a previous universe release Hawking radiation, which continues to persist after the universe will perish. This means that areas where Hawking Points, zones with intense electromagnetic activity, are present could be all that remains after the demise of the previous universe.

The points match the requirements of the CCC theory which describes them as what remains after supermassive black holes which exist in a prior universe will disappear. While the theory appears to be quite credible some critics are against the theory of a cyclical universe. The existence of Hawking radiation will also have to be confirmed before any definitive conclusions can be offered.

Despite current criticism, the team is confident that their work will play an important role in the understanding of the puzzling areas and the potential to learn valuable information, even of the CCC theory will be dismantled by actual data.

Some researchers have described the study as being overly complicated and hard to follow, mentioning that while the possibility to find real information exists the chances to perform the feat are quite small. The study was published in a scientific journal.

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