Don’t Like Spending Time in the Sun? You may Lack Vitamin D

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What is the link between sunlight and our bones? How can the lack of sun exposure make them frail and impact the health of teeth, muscle, nails as well?

Whether we like spending time outdoors or we are more of sedentary ‘cave’ people, sunshine brings the needed amount of Vitamin D. In the absence of it, it can lead to peeling or cracking nails, weaken bones and even worse scenarios.

Usually, from late March/early April to the end of September, the body gains all the vitamin D that it needs to function properly during cold months. However, the organism can indicate that requires more of it, and we should pay attention to the subtle signs it sends.

Why Specialists Think Vitamin D is so Important

Dr. Sheila Wijayasinghe, a medical practitioner, points out that calcium has an essential role in nail strength. She also states that nutritional lacks in our diet are just one of the reasons for soft or cracked nails.

Dr. Wijayasinghe also added:

Not only does vitamin D itself appear to play a role in maintaining nail integrity, the nutrient is necessary for proper calcium absorption and to regulate the concentration of the mineral in a person’s blood.

In conclusion, no matter how much calcium we put in our plate, Vitamin D makes all the ‘absorption’ work here.

Some people are more likely to suffer of vitamin D deficiency than others. The recommendation of the Department of Health is to take daily ten micrograms during the year if you like wearing long clothes that are covering most of your skin or if you usually don’t spend so much time outside. The health body warns that people with dark skin are also vulnerable to this deficiency. However, one should never exceed the daily intake, as it can cause too much calcium to be absorbed in the body. Hypercalcemia has the opposite effects by weakening the bones.

But, if you don’t fancy supplements, it’s time to top up your diet with these goodies.
Some of the best natural choices are salmon and fatty fish. Others are milk (regular and plant-based), yogurt, wholegrain cereals, and orange juice.

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