American Space Module Might Collide With A Russian Satellite

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Bigelow Aerospace company posted on Twitter that two inoperative satellites might collide, proving that the Earth’s orbit is becoming increasingly crowded. The two satellites are the America space module Genesis II and a Soviet-era Russian satellite called Cosmos 1300.

Space Junk Is Becoming A Real Problem

A similar situation took place earlier this year. Back then, one of SpaceX’s Starlink satellites almost impacted a European Space Agency observation satellite.

“This proliferation, if not controlled in number, could become very dangerous to human life in low Earth orbit,” read the Bigelow Aerospace post on Twitter.

The increase in the volume of space junk would be a problem for future low Earth orbit missions. Many space agencies around the world acknowledged that, and the scientists are now working on possible solutions to clean the orbit from debris. At this moment, we don’t have a reliable way to get rid off space junk.

American Space Module Might Collide With A Russian Satellite

As revealed by Bigelow Aerospace, there are only 5.6 percent chances for the collision to take place. However, Bigelow Aerospace warned that Earth’s orbit is now more crowded than ever and it will become even more because many launches will take place in the following years. The firm also said that space junk is becoming a genuine problem.

The first space module, the American satellite, was developed by Bigelow Aerospace company, and launched in 2017, in June. It operated for about 2 and a half years. Genesis II was part of the company’s plans to create a commercial space station using changeable space modules. The Russian satellite, Cosmos 1300, was part of the Soviet-era Tselina-D military space-based radio surveillance system. It was launched in 1981 and is now inoperative.

According to Bigelow Aerospace, the American space module might collide with the Russian satellite soon. However, there are small chances for that to happen, but the possibility of such a collision raised concerns regarding space junk.

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