NASA’s Bridenstine Said That UM Is an Important Part for Space Exploration

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Researchers from the University of Michigan made some advancements with the help of NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, when they discussed UM’s role in finding its way in the galaxy, and about the future of space exploration.

Bridenstine was born in Ann Arbor, and he made a tour of the university’s Moon and Mars habitat before the football game, which took place Saturday night, against Notre Dame. UM commemorated the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, and it celebrated the leadership team.

Together they talked about NASA’s Artemis lunar exploration program and about universities, such as Michigan, which can play a bigger role in the space exploration of the future. Artemis wants to go back to the Moon by 2024, and establish a human presence there by 2028. Its main goal is to move us there in the 2030s.

Bridenstine talked about the visit, saying it one eye-opening and an amazing opportunity to see how NASA actually works with universities all over America. He stated that UM was going to bring departments together in one place.

Bridenstine said that these young and bright minds have a new way of thinking, and these new technologies help them a lot in their careers, and as students because they are gaining experience which will be useful in many of NASA’s missions.

UM is working in order to advance solar electric propulsion, in order to get a maneuverable gateway for the Moon. They need to get better at solar electric propulsion, but right now, there is a policy directive coming from the president, saying they need to get to the moon sustainably, because they don’t want to end up the way Apollo did.

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