Stephen Hawking Made an Important Prediction for the Future of the Planet

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Stephen Hawking was a world-famous theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author. Among his most important works we can count the prediction related to the radiation emitted by black holes, which is also known as Hawking radiation and his collaboration with Roger Penrose on the topic of gravitational singularity theorems linked to general relativity.

However, the esteemed scientist also worked on an interesting theory related to what some may call the end of the world. During an interview, he stated that humanity would face a serious challenge in the future.

The continents continue to move, and Hawking anticipated that in 75 million years most of them would be clustered near the South Pole. It is impossible to say if the planet will remain inhabitable by then, but the theory is quite interesting.

At this point, it is important to mention the fact that humanity faces more direct threats right now. As global temperatures continue to rise the climate changes and dramatic events will take place. It is already anticipated that large zones will be flooded in the future as the level of the sea will grow.

Many countries have signed the Paris Agreement but don’t seem to be actively interested in doing more for the environment. The primary excuse is related to economic growth, as many experts argue that harsher antipollution laws could hinder economic growth, an event that could have negative consequences in the long run.

Many space agencies are also hard at work on the development of effective solutions against an asteroid, which could follow a collision course towards our planet at some point. Previous experiences showed that even small asteroids could lead to widespread material and social damage, and such consequences have to be prevented at all costs.

Only time will tell if Stephen Hawking made an accurate prediction about the fate of the continents.

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