Scientists may have Discovered a New Type of Black Hole

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In recent times several giant black holes were found, among which we can count one with a mass that is up to 40 billion times in comparison to our sun.

Other researchers have been more interested in black holes, which are considerably smaller, and a team of astronomers has made a discovery in the form of an object that may be a member of a missing class of black holes.

According to one of the researchers who contributed to the study the object may be linked to an unexplored population, which could play an important role in future research related to black holes. The new class of black holes could force researchers to unravel and recompile what we know about the evolution of stars and other celestial objects.

The team of astronomers was intrigued by the major gap between the size of the largest neutron stars, which are the incredibly dense remnants that surface in the aftermath of a supernova and the smallest black holes which have been observed until now.

It is, to mention the fact that neutron stars are relatively small, with most of them being up to two or three times bigger than the Sun. Bigger neutron stars will collapse and black holes longer appear in their place.

During the study they spotted a giant red star appeared to orbit an object that was deemed to be too small to be a black hole in the Milky Way. Further research revealed that the object was a low-mass black hole, with the mass being only 3.3 times larger than the mass of our sun. Most of the black holes that were found in the past have a mass that is at least 5 times bigger than that of the Sun or considerably larger.

Further research is already underway as the team is confident that valuable information could will. The study was published in a scientific journal.

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