NASA Identifies Immense Rocky Object to Pass Within Moon-Earth Orbit

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The Space Agency has identified a 65-foot immense icy object (similar to Chelyabinsk meteor), which will pass the Earth today. This encounter will be one of the closest approaches for the past few months. With a speed of 26,843 mph, the asteroid’s path will be just 107,828 miles away and is expecting to pass at just under half the Earth-moon distance. NASA named the asteroid, 2019 VD, and is one of the asteroids which brought space rocks of different dimensions near Earth. Also, 2019 VD resembles a lot the 1862 Apollo, being classified as a NEO (near-Earth object). Being an ‘Apollo’ asteroid, it has the chance of crossing our planet because of its orbital track around the sun that not only brings it near to Earth but also lets it pass the planet’s orbit. However, NASA announced that asteroid 2019 VD doesn’t represent a warning, and it won’t impact the Earth.

Asteroid Facts and Other Details by NASA

NASA approximates a football field-dimension asteroid crashes with our planet once every 2,000, and a car-sized one, at least once a year. Scientists explained how their discoveries indicate that some of the bigger rock objects in the Asteroid Belt can be as long as 583 miles across. It is still unknown what is precisely an asteroid’s composition because it always varies. For example, sometimes, asteroids are made of a rocky core covered by an icy part, and others have a nickel-iron base, a basaltic shell, and an olivine veil. Asteroid 10 Hygiea is considered one-of-a-kind because of its uniformly ancient structure of carbonaceous chondrite; also, the object is the most significant undifferentiated asteroid, so far.

Asteroids have also in their composition, traces of amino acids, and other organic elements, a fact that made some scientists believe that it contributed to the early Earth stages of developing life.

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