5 Manly Secrets To Staying Healthy This Year

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It’s no secret that men are touted as being strong, independent leaders of today. The smart strong man reigns supreme and his influence on today’s society is quickly becoming a way of life for all men who want to feel better about themselves and their body. In the past, men were quiet, strong-willed and would never think twice about their health. They smoked, drank, and did whatever they wanted to. Our grandfathers and great grandfathers fought in wars and essentially built the country we live in today.

One of the things they fell short on was the intricacies of health and wellness. However, men who understand they have a responsibility to introduce health, not only to their lives, but also to the lives of the ones they love, are coming to terms with being more balanced. If you’re a man who has this nagging feeling that you could be a better you when it comes to wellness, here are five manly secrets to keeping your health up this year.

#1 – Exercise

The New Year is coming up very soon and that means many men are promising themselves they will start a “new life” when January 1 comes around. These promises are full of good intentions and hope for a better health, however, statistics say that only 25% of people who set a New Year’s goal actually commit to that promise they make.

Exercise is one of the most obvious ways you can use to keep yourself on a healthy path. However, exercise in itself is not so secret. What many people don’t realize is, simple exercise won’t get it done. In the chaos that is your life, you probably don’t have two hours to spend in the gym every day. This is one of the reasons many people succumb to giving up so quickly. There’s not enough time in the day. The secret to exercise is smart exercise, and this is the practice most people don’t know about. The next time you begin a regimen, the smartest way to stay healthy with exercising this year is through HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training. This is where you go at maximum effort at a particular exercise for 90 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, and do it again. Do five reps in each and you will begin to see how you can get a full two hour workout in a matter of twenty minutes.

#2 – Go Herbal

Alternative sources for wellness and health are some of the most popular choices in America today. Many people are putting down the synthetic options and reaching for a more natural solution that can help them achieve many things in their life, including being more healthy.

Herbal remedies are quickly becoming popular in our country today and it is due to the pioneering advantages we have in scientific research. More facts about alternative choices like turmeric, St. John’s Wort, essential oils, and more like these are opening doors for people who are considering alternative herbs. One of these herbal secrets that is quickly being revealed is from a tree leaf called Kratom. This tree originates from southeastern Asia and has been known to alleviate several symptoms in the user. The leaves of the Kratom tree are harvested and ground into a fine powder where the customer drinks it in a tea. People all over America are enjoying the lasting benefits from this plant and vendors like Kats Botanicals Kratom are providing a superior and safe product which can introduce your body to an alternative option for wellness instead of the same old route you used to take.

#3 – See the Chiropractor

Professional chiropractors are experts at seeing the origination of the problem of joint pain. Usually subluxations occur, causing pain and discomfort when you move. Joint pain can be very limiting and when you think of health, you need to think of wholeness. You may feel good physically in terms of not being sick, and you may feel okay mentally, but if your body is hurting, you are not experiencing balance and homeostasis. This is where a consistent visit to the chiropractor can be beneficial in allowing your body to heal itself naturally without the use of other medicines. Chiropractor Dr. Daniel Pompa has appeared on TV networks such as CNBC and CNN, and he knows that regular adjustments can have your body operating at its full potential and allow you to experience whole health.

#4 – Have the Correct Diet

This isn’t 1960 anymore and it’s probably not a good idea to embellish in various food products like your grandfather used to do. In order to experience a well-balanced life, you need to monitor the intake of food that you put into your body and eat healthy foods. Have you ever felt bloated, fat, and not felt like doing anything after eating a meal that wasn’t the best for your body? This is your body telling you something and it’s up to you to listen.

Make sure you get enough protein in your body. Lean meats like fish and turkey are a great option. If you’re a man who loves hamburgers, go with the turkey burger option instead of what you normally eat. Turkey produces less fat and is better for you. On top of this, make sure you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, nuts and legumes, and keeping track of your daily intake of food. The old saying goes, “you get out what you put in” so make sure you’re putting in the best for your body.

#5 – Get Some Sleep

In today’s society, a surprising one out of every three people claim they do not get enough rest every night. Through the use of a hectic schedule and lack of time, we are forced to hurry and rush through the day. By the time you get a minute to yourself, it’s already 10pm and you want to watch a couple episodes of Netflix.

However, your body needs rest in order to heal itself properly from the day before. Scientific studies have shown that rest helps rejuvenate the brain, motor functions, cognitive functions, and even muscle control. A lot of important systems in the brain and body are counting on you to get enough sleep so they can provide a healthy center of balance for your life. Make a sleep schedule and stick to it. You need to get at least eight hours of sleep every night for this wellness miracle to happen.

Be A Manly Man

One might think a manly man is someone who doesn’t cry, someone who doesn’t share their emotions of feelings to others. Surely the manly man portrays himself as a tough influence over many people in his life. However, a manly man is someone who grabs responsibility by the horns. One of those responsibilities he has is to monitor his own wellness. If you are looking for the main secret to staying healthy this year, the number one priority in your wellness journey is to police yourself. You have the power to keep yourself on track and in a balanced state.

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