SpaceX Project of Launching Genetically Developed “Mighty Mice” to the International Space Station

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Recently, a statement about SpaceX’s plans to launch a spacecraft with 5,700 pounds of supplies to the International Space Station, resurfaced. The rocket company’s project will also include sending a group of genetically improved ‘mighty mice.’ The SpaceX Dragon cargo will be launched to orbit atop a Falcon 9 rocket from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The event will start shortly after 12:30 pm ET on Thursday, and it’s set to arrive at the space station on Sunday.

Jackson Laboratory in Maine provided the mice which posses genes developed to improve their muscle growth. The animals will help researchers get how to restrict muscle and bone destruction in humans while they’re on space missions. Other research items aboard the SpaceX Dragon cargo will support a mix of tests, such as those that will experiment with fundamental theories of gravity, how fire acts in space, or possible treatments for heart disease.

SpaceX to launch the “Mighty Mouse” project to the International Space Station

SpaceX is known for its routinely travels cargo to the space station for NASA under agreements worth billions of dollars. The rocket agency is signed up to go on with the process of resupply missions through 2024. Also, it develops a new variant of the Dragon spacecraft, dubbed Crew Dragon. The future spacecraft would soon be able to launch astronauts in first-ever missions with humans on board.

The International Space Station is an orbiting lab of about five-bedroom home, and it has guested astronauts since 2000. Moreover, over 100 countries have utilized the lab so far for developing approximately 3,000 scientific explorations. The studies involve subjects such as medicine, health, or astrophysics, according to NASA. Also, the microgravity surface aboard the space station offers an area where biological and physical phenomena aren’t bogged down by the Earth’s influence.

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