Significant Syphilis Outbreak Is Surfacing In London, Ontario

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A surprising syphilis outbreak was declared in London, a city located in Ontario, Canada. The number of cases has tripled in the last five years, a statistic that is quite dire.

The increased rate has surged above the Ontario average for the second time in fifteen years. Middlesex-London Health Unit encourages people to protect themselves and to support those who are affected by the disease to seek treatment.

Many tend to believe that syphilis has vanished along with the past, but this is not the case. Using condoms is a must since the disease spreads via sexual contact. According to official statistics, the number of syphilis cases recorded this year in London, and Middlesex County has reached 113.

The Ontario law obliges medical practitioners to report any syphilis cases to public health officials. It has been observed that the number of cases rose at a fast pace in the last months as the infection tends to spread across several groups of people.

London, Ontario, Faces A Significant Syphilis Outbreak

While a large number of cases were spotted among gay men, the number continues to increase among heterosexual people, especially if the individuals are involved in the sex trade. As expected, the most significant number of transmissions is recorded in the case of sexual partners who didn’t use condoms.

Syphilis is a dangerous, sexually transmitted disease that surfaces in the form of a painless sore on the lips or genitals. It can spread quickly if other persons touch the sore, and unborn babies will inherit the disease from their mother.

The bacteria can remain dormant within the body of a person for a long time after the initial infection surfaces. If no actions are taken, syphilis can lead to significant brain damage to other issues.

The authorities hope that by declaring the outbreak, more people will become aware of the risks. More efforts will be made to increase awareness and to encourage patients to seek help and treatment.

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