Last Full Moon of the Year Took Place on December 12th at 12:12 AM EST – The 12:12:12:12 Portal

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The last Full Moon of this year got to the maximum apogee as the clock hit 12:12 AM EST on December 12th (12.12) in the Eastern United States, the only region where it was visible at that precise time.

The last ‘Cold Moon’ will be incredibly bright and visible all around the world, but only the Eastern United States will witness such an outstanding time and date for the lunar peak. NASA also commented on the subject, saying that this is a perfect time to watch and capture images of the Full Moon because it is opposite a low Sun. “The Moon takes a high trajectory across the sky, and as it is opposite to the low sun, it will be above the horizon longer than at other times,” NASA said in a blog.

The Full Moon is Close to the Winter Solstice

The Moon seemed to be full on Earth because of the proportional positions of the Moon and the Sun. When the last Full Moon was visible, the light you saw was reflected from other cosmic bodies, such as small quantities from Earth but mainly from the Sun. We get a Full Moon when it is located on an opposite side of the Earth to the Sun, making the close side of the Moon to be brightened entirely.

The December 12th Full Moon is known as the ‘Cold Moon’ because this month is typically the period when temperatures start to decrease. It is also dubbed as the Long Night due to that fact it takes place near the Winter Solstice, which boasts in the longest night of the year.

This year’s Winter Solstice is about a week from the Full Moon, more precisely on Sunday, December 22nd, but the end of this decade witnessed the two events occur close to each other. As a matter of fact, in 2010, the Full Moon and Winter Solstice occurred less than a day apart, an event that won’t take place until 2029, according to experts. The first Full Moon of the next decade will occur on January 10th and will be a Wolf Moon.

The 12:12:12:12 Portal

Besides the fact that the Moon reached its peak in the Eastern United States at 12:12 AM EST on December 12th, numerologists also explained that this year has a great significance as 2019 equals 12.

Twelve is a significant number for numerologists, as The Old Farmer’s Almanac notes it is the meaning of ‘completion.’ Several numerologists, such as Naked Numerology in Twitter or Numerology Secrets, describe the number 12 as significant, informing people that the 2019 Full Moon opens a 12:12:12:12 portal, that will be a turning point for many.

This number is like a reminder that tells you to get your concerns together to take advantage of the windfall the Universe is preparing to present you with Numerology Secrets wrote. The Full Moon will be present in the sky as the Geminid meteor shower gets closer to its peak. The Geminids are considered as one of the critical points of the meteor shower calendar due to the fact they appear bold, white, and rapid as they reach Earth’s atmosphere. They are spilled from a rock comet known as 3200 Phaethon, which generates about 50 meteors per hour in the direction of the Gemini constellation.

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