NASA and Boeing Joint Team To Explore The Starliner Test Flight Issue

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NASA and Boeing will team up for a close examination into a timer issue. The problem ended December’s uncrewed test flight of Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner. Recently, NASA explained that the best solution is to collaborate with Boeing. The team tried “to determine the primary cause of the timer problem the Starliner suffered immediately after its Dec.20 launch on what was to be an eight-day mission to the International Space Station.”

Boeing also stated that the project passed timer on Starliner was shut by 11 hours, making the spacecraft to believe it was in the incorrect period of its mission right after its departure from the top part of the Atlas 5 that released it. Starliner fueled its thrusters in reaction to the wrong time. So, when the spacecraft controllers on the surface were capable of conducting, the shuttle had expended too much fuel to let it land at the station. Starliner alternatively docked securely at White Sands, New Mexico, on December 22.

NASA and Boeing Collaboration

The joint examination, NASA stated that it would search for the origin of the cause of the timer issue. It will also analyze any other software anomaly and suggest improvement actions to realize before Starliner transporting people. NASA estimated approximately two months of hard research. “NASA’s approach will be to determine if NASA and Boeing received enough data to validate the system’s overall performance, including launch, on-orbit operations, guidance, navigation, and control, docking/undocking to the space station, reentry and landing,” detailed the space agency.

Neither Boeing or NASA has made public any additional details about the timer issue since the mission. Boeing officials, for example, stated that during the event, the timer was set on Starliner before launch by utilizing information from the Atlas 5. They also explained how the shuttle had accessed the incorrect data.

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