Recent Chinese Viral Outbreak Might Be Due To A New Virus Associated to SARS

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Recently, there have been estimated more than 50 pneumonia cases in China’s central city of Wuhan. Such a fact might be possible because of the new resurfacing member of the class of viruses. As WHO recently stated, the virus is the one that caused the deadly MERS and SARS outbreaks.

China Faces a Viral Outbreak Caused by a New Virus

China’s state-declared Xinhua news agency detailed that the preliminary lab results led by a team of researchers displayed a new category of coronavirus that prompted the outbreak that started in December. Xu Jianguo from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, also the conductor of the team, explained that the test on samples from patients identified 12 positive results of the latest coronavirus.

Moreover, the Hong Kong Hospital Authority has enabled a “serious response” rate to stop the extent of the infection. Officials also urged the medical staff to report any cases of fever in people who have traveled to Wuhan recently. “It may take years for researchers to develop medicines and vaccines,” Xinhua report stated.

Meanwhile, the United Nations health company detailed that it required more extensive details to prove the category of the pathogen accurately that caused the infections.

Officials’ Efforts to Stop Outbreak

The outbreak moves on of the Lunar New Year holidays when approximately 1.4 billion people will return home towns or abroad. The Chinese Officials forecast travelers to realize almost 440 million voyages by rail and another 79 million trips by airplanes. Wang Yang, the Chinese transport ministry’s chief engineer, explained how all public transportation would be assured with proper disinfection.

Coronaviruses Effects

Coronaviruses represent a significant class of viruses that can cause infections from the typical cold to SARS. The WHO (the World Health Organisation), stated that this class of viruses resurface periodically, as it happened back in 2002 with SARS events or 2012 with MERS.

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