Living Robot Was Created With Frog Stem Cells

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A team of researchers has managed to create the first living robots. The miniature robots have the ability to pick up select targets and can regenerate themselves if they are hurt.

These biological machines could be used in the future as a powerful cleaning method that could remove microplastics from oceans. Another great boon would be the deliverance of powerful drugs to key areas within the human body.

Specific living cells were collected by researchers from frog embryos and used to craft primitive buildings. According to one of the researchers who contributed to the effort, the robots are an excellent hybrid between a traditional robot and an animal. They can be described as a programmable organism.

A supercomputer ran an advanced algorithm responsible for the design of the robots. Thousands of variations were tested within a simulation.

Living Robot Was Created With Frog Stem Cells

A few successful ideas were selected by the researchers as they exhibited handy traits like the ability to propel themselves forward and or to complete basic tasks with the help of tweezers and cauterizing tools.

At this point, the robots feature a lifespan of seven to ten days. They are powered by living heart muscle cells that can expand and contract without a problem.

During a few preliminary tests, some of the robots managed to push tiny pellets to a specific location while others picked and carried an object. A great advantage is represented by the fact that they are completely biodegradable. After their lifespan expires, they are nothing more than dead skin cells.

It is hoped that they can be improved in time, with scaling being the main focus. The addition of blood vessels or nerve cells could lead to the appearance of cognitive abilities but a significant amount of research& development is required for such feats. Initial results are impressive, and an in-depth study was published in a scientific journal.

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