SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Abort Test and the Falcon 9 Rocket’s Explosion

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The tense event Elon Musk’s SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft collapsed was caught by cameras. Such an occurrence was met with joy and cheer by the team. SpaceX’s “abort test” seemed like a total triumph when its 500-tone Falcon 9 rocket victoriously exploded over the Atlantic Ocean.

The spacecraft test was meant to prove the steady space capability to transport astronauts to safety in the moment of an unfortunate crash during its rise into the higher atmosphere. After the explosion, a Crew Dragon capsule securely disconnected from the rocket and dived to the ground.

Elon Musk detailed the recent event as a “risky mission…pushing the envelope in so many ways.” No people were on board during the test, SpaceX used only dummies. The Falcon 9 rocket boosted from Kennedy Space Center, and the event was attended by many spectators keenly watching the skies for the explosion.

SpaceX Abort Test Was Successful

Some people complained that the spacecraft couldn’t be seen anymore in the clouds right after a minute. But, those who watched NASA’s webcast could see everything clearly, how a fireball immerse the rocket after the Dragon capsule had been discharged.

The goal of such was to help SpaceX figure out the best ways of launching astronauts to the ISS in one of the company’s spacecraft. Crew Dragon has proved its skills and capability, and is considered “one of the safest human spaceflight systems ever built.” SpaceX’s plans don’t cease at only sending astronauts into space, but the company also intends to send civilians.

Elon Musk has consistently declared the last aim is to conquer the big Red Planet. He also noted the full purpose is to send a standard of three spacecraft/day and make the journey available for anybody. As impossible as it might sound, SpaceX proved for too many times that it is capable of developing the most accurate technology for reaching greater depths of space. Watch the full event below, via NASA:

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