Sea Level Increase Could Affect Millions of People Living on Coastal Regions

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The sea level increase could alter the US, harming mass departure inland, according to a recent study. Mass exodus on an unparalleled range will soon be a frequent phenomenon in the US. Such a thing happens because of the man-developed climate, as AI research has predicted. The increasing sea level analysis is the first to utilize artificial intelligence to simulate migration models emerging from global warming.

The Sea Level Increase Phenomenon

Researchers from the University of Southern California teamed up identified the effect of increasing oceans would break across the US, with residents leaving away the flooded coastal places. Only in the US, for example, 13 million people could be required to move because of the sea levels by 2100. US cities throughout the country will hence have to face uncommonly expanded populations. Consequences could bring issues such as grown housing costs, more struggle for jobs, and more stress on infrastructure networks.

“Sea level rise will affect every country in the US, including inland areas. We hope this research will empower urban planners and local decision-makers to prepare to accept populations displaced by sea-level rise,” explained Professor Bistra Dilkina.

Artificial Intelligence Support

AI has measured the most encountered relocation decisions that will involve land-locked areas such as Dallas, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Houston, and Denver. The artificial intelligence-based research predicts rural locations, and the suburban regions in the Midwest will face a disproportionately massive influx of people relevant to their more modest local communities. Sea level increases happen because of two factors associated with global warming.

First, there is the gathered water from melting glaciers and ice layers, and the second involves the extension of seawater as it heats. Moreover, in only a few years, researchers forecast almost hundreds of thousands of houses on the US coast will end up flooded.

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