Elon Musk Is Disappointed by the US Government’s Proposal to Delay the Moon Landing

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With another legislation in the United States suggesting that NASA should focus on taking humans to the Moon in 2028, and not 2024, as previously commanded, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has put the blame on the country’s administration for not yet sending astronauts to the lunar surface.

Elon Musk criticized the bill that proposes the delay of the Moon landing mission

“It doesn’t matter how skilled you are if you’re trapped in a giant bureaucracy,” Musk posted on his Twitter page. Musk said that after a German student has indicated that ‘a newly proposed house bill urges NASA to push back the planned crew landing to 2028.

Space exploration today — with the exception of private companies — appears to face death by bureaucracy, which is super disheartening.’ SpaceX CEO responded: “Unfortunately, this is true.”

The regulation was presented on January 24th by the officials of the US House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space & Technology.

“Only 66 years from first controlled, powered flight to landing on the Moon. Now, half a century later, we are still unable to return. This must change,” Musk stated.

NASA planned to fly people to the Moon in 2024

NASA has previously said that it is working to speed up the process of taking humans to the Moon’s surface in any way after the United States President Donald Trump has asked the space agency to aim for a Moon landing in 2024.

The flight was expected to carry on board of the space vehicle for American astronauts.

As per the space agency’s Artemis program, it is ‘committed to landing American astronauts, including the first woman and the next man, on the Moon by 2024​.’

“Through the agency’s Artemis lunar exploration program, we will use innovative new technologies and systems to explore more of the Moon than ever before. We will collaborate with our commercial and international partners to establish sustainable missions by 2028.

“And then we will use what we learn on and around the Moon to take the next giant leap — sending astronauts to Mars,” NASA stated.

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