Russian Scientists Intend to Develop a Powerful Telescope to Search for Aliens

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Russian scientists might take the world by storm with their latest work. What could appear as daring or intriguing, their project is under development. They have begun the construction of a powerful telescope that can be utilized to detect any signals from aliens if they are emitted in the optical spectrum.

Russians work on a powerful telescope to search for aliens

Such a project is somehow similar to other space agencies’ work developed in recent years. What would the Russian scientists bring new this time, we should wait and see.

Alexander Panov, the researcher who conducts the Institute of Nuclear Physics at Moscow, believes the current project will be efficient, and it will shed light on what scientists struggled so much to find about alien civilizations.

His full statement reads: “However, with this tool, you can also observe bright and short optical flashes of light – the so-called optical transients. The tool can be used to search for artificial extraterrestrial signals. After all, what are bright flashes? Maybe someone sends Earth the signals via laser channel rather than in the radio-frequency range.”

Russia must join in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, scientists think

Panov explained how we could also develop a laser system for emitting space messages in the optical spectrum. According to him, Russia is supposed to host an international event on the find for alien worlds soon. One of the aims of such a meeting is to ensure financing for Russia-based work in the SETI field (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence).

Panov also detailed that essential modifications should be performed in the strategy to the discovery of extraterrestrial worlds to enhance our ways of finding them.

Finally, a team of scientists expressed their thoughts by explaining what they should do. They must set up listening channels network worldwide to identify radio waves in different regions of the spectrum resulting from all areas of the universe 24/day.

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