Ontario Achieves a Major Milestone for Organ donations and Transplants

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A reputable NGO has stated that a significant achievement took place in Ontario in 2019 as a large number of organ donations and transplants took place. According to official statistics, organs were collected from 684 living and deceased donors, while more than 1,386 organ transplants took place. The number was up by 13% in comparison to 2018.

The milestone was praised by the leader of the NGO, who highlighted the fact that many Ontarians have made the right choice by agreeing to donate organs. Such acts should be a source of inspiration for many people since they prove that even if a life is lost, many could be saved in the aftermath.

It was also mentioned that advanced technologies and improved medical techniques contributed to the increase of successful transplants as some people that weren’t eligible for a transplant in the past were operated successfully.

Ontario Achieves a Major Milestone for Organ donations and Transplants

For example, it is now easier to perform liver transplants from donors affected by hepatitis C without exposing the person who receives the transplant to the affliction. This has decreased the waiting time while also boosting the number of patients that can gain access to the vital procedures.

While organ donations can save lives, many relatives refuse to agree to the procedure. In most cases, the decision to reject the procedure is based on religious grounds since the body is deemed to be desecrated by the removal of organs. A report published in 2019 mentions that more than 200 Canadians died while waiting for a transplant in 2018.

During a recent interview, the Ontario Health Minister praised the milestone and stated that more needs to be done to increase the number of potential donors in the future. The number of registered donors increased by 51% in 2019, and this fact plays an essential role since many families tend to respect the decision of the deceased.

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