NASA’s Chance to Fly Humans to Mars Scattered by SpaceX

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It is probably known how big NASA dreams and what could have in store for the following years. On top of all of that, Mars remains the biggest goal of the space agency so far. Developing a mission of landing astronauts on the Red Planet by the 2030s is what NASA wants to hit as a milestone. But as everyone aims as high as possible, so is Elon Musk and his SpaceX team. He could arrive straight to the Red Planet, quicker than we can believe, before the end of the decade.

SpaceX Plans to Land Humans on Mars Quicker Than NASA

Robert Zubrin, an aerospace engineer, and mathematician thinks the first astronauts to reach Mars will be the ones from SpaceX. He firmly believes that, and he is not the only one, of course, of Musk’s daring mission. Zubrin stated about Musk: “Even if every one of his projects has a two or three-year delay, it will eventually be realized. His determination is enormous.”

SpaceX’s goals include developing life to become interplanetary by realizing a human outpost on Mars. The project is currently under development and is funded by various private journeys to the Moon and back, which Musk wants to reach by the end of 2023. Also, he has a prototype of the Starship running some tests, and it would probably be the one who would fly with the first astronauts to the Red Planet.

A full-scale Starship will be assigned as a wholly reusable transportation device made to send humans to Earth-orbit, Mars, Moon, and why not, much more beyond all of these. Hence, we should expect a Starship spacecraft from SpaceX to land on Mars before a mission from one of the biggest world’s space agencies gets there. It seems Musk holds the answers to all questions and the ambition most space agencies lack.

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