WARNING: World War 3 will be a Nuclear War, an Expert Warns

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You probably watched at least one movie about the end of the world. In almost all of them, the end of the world is caused by a natural hazard such as floods, fire, etc. However, if it were to happen today, our world would more likely go down because of a nuclear war. How come you may wonder? An expert is explaining to us a possible situation that could make human life very difficult to survive. Accordingly, World War 3 would be a nuclear war.

I know it sounds a bit gruesome, but this could be just an extreme case, so don’t take it to heart. Why does the expert think about a possible nuclear war? Countries such as the United States, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, and China are viewed as nuclear weapons states (NWS). Besides these five countries, the other four are on there a way to join the NWS. But Israel, India, Pakistan, and North Korea are already working on the significant nuclear arsenal.

In the worst-case scenario, World War 3 could put an end to humanity if two or more of these NWS countries decide to fight each other. Especially a war between the US and Russia. A battle between these two powerhouses will more than likely lead to the apocalypse.

World War 3 will be a Nuclear War

A nuclear bomb could block out our Sun’s light due to the debris it would shoot up into the atmosphere. This would cause the food chain to become very unbalanced, which will result in only 60 days worth of food currently in storage. This will make human life very difficult to survive.

Here’s the explanation of climatologist Alan Robock from Rutgers University: “A nuclear bomb is like bringing a piece of the Sun to the surface of the earth for a fraction of a second, and everything within a certain distance would just flash into the fire (…) If the United States and Russia had a nuclear war today, there could be so much smoke that it would produce a nuclear winter.”

“Temperatures would get below freezing in the summertime over land where we try to grow our food – we discovered that many years ago but our modern climate models still tell us that’s the answer, even after the nuclear arsenals in the US and Russia had been reduced substantially in the 80s (…) Humans have to eat, and so the food supply in the world right now is about 60 days-worth. “You probably don’t have 60 days worth of food at your house, you probably go to the grocery store every week [unless] you’re a farmer,” Robock added.

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