Life Could Be Prevalent In The Universe But Nowhere Near Us

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One of the greatest enigmas faced by humanity is the origin of life. A new paper sought to offer an answer with the help of complex biological and cosmological models, mentioning that life may appear at random places in the universe via a phenomenon that is known as abiogenesis.

At this point, the only known life forms can be found on Earth, a factor that limits studies related to the appearance of life to the specific conditions that can be encountered on your planet. This means that a significant amount of research time has been spent on tracking down the presence of RNA or ribonucleic acid.

RNA is considerably more straightforward in comparison to DNA, but it is quite essential as it is encountered among all living creatures. It is also complex in contrast to most chemicals and compounds that could be found in space or on the surface of a planet.

Life in the Universe might be common, the new study concludes

An interesting trait is represented by the fact that RNA is a polymer, forming stable chemical chains that are known as nucleotides. According to experts in this field, RNA with strings that have a length of at least 40 nucleotides can self-replicate, a feature that is needed to bring life into existence.

It is theorized that nucleotides could interact spontaneously with other nucleotides if they have enough time. Still, current data infers that the required chains may not be found in the visible universe. One scientist has stated that he believes that life may be found beyond the visible it.

Due to the sheer size of the universe, it may be possible that some RNA interactions took place in distant areas, leading to the appearance of life in places that cannot be identified with the help of present technology. Some future advancements may offer the opportunity to explore remote parts of the universe. It remains to be seen what will happen in time.

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