World War 3 Is The Fight Against Climate Change, Scientists Say

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The continual change in climate has to be handled like World War 3 if we have any shot at winning over the situation, specialists have said.​
Ever since 1975, the world has been warming at an increased pace, with researchers stating that the global temperature has enhanced by almost 0.15 to 0.20 Celsius per decade because of the climate change.

Although those increases seem kind of low global warming is definitely impacting the polar ice caps, which keep on melting. Since 1979, the amount of ice in the Arctic has disappeared by about 80 percent, which experts have warned it will trigger significant sea level rises.

The Governments Have Failed Humanity

Climate models have showcased that a sea level of over two meters could plunge massive areas of the British coastline for good, such as Hull, Peterborough, Portsmouth, and areas of east London and the Thames Estuary.

The temperatures on the planet have already increased by 1C in comparison to pre-industrial scales, which will add a lot to the melting ice caps and continual sea level rise processes. Currently, sea levels are rising at approximately 8mm per year because of the melting ice, with huge implications for future generations.

Only between 1993 and 2014, sea levels increased by 66mm, and if the situation continues like this or gets more grave, coastal cities such as New York could be entirely submerged by the end of this century.

Specialists have warned now that we must address the climate change issue as we were fighting World War 3. A team of researchers from Australia has written a paper for The Conversation, in which they say that governments have let Earth and humanity down, and now we suddenly have a massive task on our hands.

The climate scientists wrote: “We are a group of experts in physics, geology, science education, coral reefs, and climate system science. We believe the lack of progress by governments in reducing global emissions means bold solutions are now urgently needed. We must fight climate change like it’s World War III – and battle on many fronts.”

There are Many Ways Available to Tackle the Issue

The experts suggest numerous ways in which this issue can be fought, such as planting many more trees and plants to help assimilate carbon dioxide and designing reflective surfaces on the soil to reflect the Sun’s rays and make the planet a bit colder.

Another method would be transforming carbon dioxide into rock, as carbon mineralization involves turning carbon dioxide into carbonate materials by imitating the manner seashells and limestone are naturally made.

Many other methods have been analyzed and suggested, such as capturing CO2 from industrial plants and foaming it through brine from desalination plants, or gathering it from nickel mine tailings utilizing bacteria. Massive amounts of carbon dioxide can ultimately be captured in this way, developing useful building materials as a by-product.

The researchers also stated that a global headquarters has to be established: “The war demands a central headquarters providing leadership, information and coordination – perhaps a greatly expanded version of the Greenhouse Office established under the Howard Coalition government in 1998 (but later merged into another government department). The office should provide, among other things, information on the climate cost of every item we use, both aid consumer choice and tax climate-harming products.”

“But as global greenhouse gas emissions continue to grow, governments must deploy every weapon available – not only to win the war but to prevent the terrible social cost of despair.,” the paper wrote.

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