Diel Vertical Migration Is The Most Significant Mass Migration On Earth, And It Occurs Daily

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The diel vertical migration is the most impressive migration process when it comes to the level of biomass involved. Even if it is happening literally every day and night, it is not highly visible to the public eye.

However, a team of researchers from the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California has thoroughly analyzed a tremendous amount of hours of footage to get a closer overview of this phenomenon for their study.

One of the conclusions they reached is the fact that vertical migrators are preyed most of the time. Therefore, for them, there is not any safe place. The leading coordinators of the study state the fact that the danger lies in the fact that there are predators even during the migration.

The researchers are looking forward to showing the level of danger the marine creatures are facing during their daily movements because it would be the first time anybody approaches this subject from this particular perspective.

The study on the diel vertical migration, the most significant mass migration on Earth

The usual approach of determining the level of danger would have been forecasting based on the acoustic stimulus. The scientists have decided that using the video footage of the marine animals would actually give them a real insight into the matter.

In addition to previous research, the team is also calculating the threat potentials, which means the level of danger for the animals when they come across a predator. This particular feature of the study helps researchers differentiate between the prey animals. The most present are krill and lanternfish.

The investigation shows that given the number of obstacles the marine creatures are encountering, a successful migration has little chance of succeeding. Nonetheless, usually, there are not increasingly high death rates.

Even though the animals spend their lives running from the danger, somehow, they find the solution to keep on resisting in the face of predators.

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