Let’s Put Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories To Rest

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The Moon landings have been a subject for many debates and gossip. It was to be expected. After all, they say there were people on the Moon. Back in the late sixties and early seventies, people didn’t have smartphones and video games.

In 1969, while Apollo 11 was landing on the Moon, the U.S. barely had the first bank cards. And it was the second country to have card banks after the U.K. So, it seemed more reasonable to believe that repeated missions taking men on the Moon are a stage act rather than reality.

Not to mention the Cold War. The U.S. and the Soviet Union were involved in a global influence race that expanded beyond Earth’s limits and into space. The Russians proved to be faster and smarter and launched Sputnik. The Americans needed a win and declared the Moon to be American soil, even if just metaphorically.

So, there were unreasonable reasons for NASA to stage something like that. Famous director Stanley Kubrick was accused of having directed the shootings for which the NASA supposedly fabricated 380kg of Moon rocks. 6 to 20 % of Americans, 25 % of Britons, and 28 % of Russians consider this a more realistic possibility than Armstrong’s moonwalk.

Put Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories To Rest

Moon landing conspiracy theories started with former U.S. Navy officer Bill Kaysing’s book We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle, which he self-published in 1976. From then on, a collective psychosis generated, and people all over the world adhere to the conspiracy meant to disclose NASA’s conspiracy.

Even in our days, high percentages of people all over the world still believe the landings were hoaxes staged by NASA. They can’t believe it, not even after evidence was revealed from third-parties. Studies not ordered, nor funded by NASA, the U.S. government, nor by the hoax theorists.

Space rock specialist Trevor Ireland tries to put an end to this paranoia. “The lunar soil is like nothing we have seen before on Earth. It is the result of eons of bombardment on the surface of the Moon. The rockets have compositions that are unique to the Moon.

To this day, we continue to analyze the Apollo lunar rocks, and they still have surprises for us,” he says. Like this is going to cure global paranoia and the darkness it comes from!

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