NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover To Launch This Summer As Scheduled

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Perseverance Mars rover has a lot on its plate. Equipped with 23 cameras, two microphones, and seven scientific instruments, the spacecraft is also carrying the traces of 10,932,295 people that felt the need to get on Mars even if just figuratively. Three fingernail-sized silicon chips were stenciled with their names along with the 155 essays send to NASA by people competing in the Name the Rover contest.

A seven grade won the contest. Alexander Mathy from Burke, Virginia, suggested the name, and NASA is fighting to make the mission worthy of the name. Although NASA’s activity was arrested due to the coronavirus pandemic, Perseverance is still holding. NASA is still hoping that the rover will be launched as planned in July 2020.

Why is Perseverance so important? Because it gives a reason that at the end of this pandemic, things will get back to normal. Here is the complete list of its objectives. The most crucial goal is assessing the past habitability of Mars by identifying biosignatures and detecting organic compounds. Thumbs up for the rover to detect underground water ice and salty brine.

NASA’s Perseverance Rover’s Mission on Mars

In the meantime, it will determine the composition of Martian surface materials in the finest details. The rover will send information about Mars’ temperature, winds, pressure, humidity, radiation, and dust particles. The cameras will register information on the ground densities, buried rocks, and meteorites. The rover has instruments that can remotely make chemical composition analysis and mineralogy in rocks and regolith.

All this information is vital for the next step: future human life support. It will also make tests, essential for future human life support, such as producing oxygen from Martian atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Mars Helicopter will be tested for flight stability, as helicopters are expected to become an essential exploring instrument once humans are sent there. Also, future return missions will need fuel, so scientists are preoccupied with developing strategies that will make this possible.

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