NASA Joins Forces with the US Government to Combat Against COVID-19

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NASA is demanding its employees’ creative ideas to contribute to the fight against the ongoing pandemic. Over the past 60 years, NASA has faced multiple unconventional challenges. At the moment, the agency’s primary focus is to contribute to diminishing the spread of the COVID-19. NASA’s officials have declared that they are willing to use the brainpower and the creativity of its staff in their fight against the most significant danger that has ever hit the United States of America.

Intending to achieve this, NASA has released on the 1st of April, an online platform where its employees can state their ideas regarding what the company’s contribution to the pandemic should be. On the international platform, the employees can even discuss in teams the future position of their company on this matter.

NASA and the US government to fight together against COVID-19

What is not surprising at all is that the initiative has started with the input of involved citizens in the company. After that, NASA’s officials have decided to facilitate their employees with space where they can vocalize their ideas and debate them with other interested colleagues. Bridenstine has added that it is of the utmost importance that the company stands a clear position in front of this worldwide crisis and contributes to the United States to fight against the virus.

Alongside with the White House and several other government agencies, NASA has determined the most productive areas where it can contribute to the saving of the Americans. The first one should be the protective equipment offered to the doctors and the citizens. Additionally, they will purchase ventilators to prevent the hospitals from running out of medical equipment to treat the patients.

Consequently, an essential step is to monitor the development of the virus and understand where and where it is going to spread. By predicting the upcoming affected areas, the Americans can be one step in front of the virus.

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