Top Benefits Of Spinach Juice

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spinach juice

Spinach is an aliment high in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and its cooking methods are various. Either you chose to make it part of your salad, or you would like to try the trend of transforming it into juice, it should be present in your daily meal. Additionally, spinach juice is so popular because it has a wide range of health benefits for its consumers.

Best Benefits of Spinach Juice

Powerful Antioxidant

A straightforward way of boosting one’s antioxidant intake is by drinking spinach juice. Several of the nutrients that it brings to our health are beta carotene, violaxanthin, lutein, and coumaric acid. The role of antioxidants is to protect the corpse from chronic diseases. A 16-day study on eight people shows that drinking 250 ml of spinach daily prevents oxidative stress on DNA.

Reduces Age-related Cataracts and Macular Degeneration

One crucial feature of spinach juice is that it betters eyesight, having two essential components – zeaxanthin and lutein. These two antioxidants play an indispensable role in the prevention of a healthy vision. Research shows that a lifestyle, including regular intake of the two components, reduces the risk of cataracts and stops macular degeneration related to aging. Additionally, spinach is rich in vitamin A, a crucial ingredient for healthy eyesight.

Reduces the Risks of Cancer

Researchers are currently trying to conduct research and understand the importance of spinach juice in reducing cancer cell growth. A recent study on mice showed that a daily intake of spinach reduced colon cancer by 56%. Another survey of the same animal concluded that monogalactosyl diacylglycerol, a compound present in spinach, gave results when killing pancreatic cancer.

Fight Hypertension

Reducing blood pressure means dilatating the blood vessels. Spinach juice has nitrates in its composition that are known for helping this process to happen. In return, blood pressure is lowered and the blood flow is boosted. This benefit was demonstrated during a week study where 27 people ate spinach soup daily.

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